Voice control for your home?

I was never a big fan of voice dictation or voice control. When I started to experiment with this technology in the 1990s it was far from perfect. Even today, I use Siri on my iPhone very rarely. However I see some interesting use cases in home automation. What about going to bed and say “turn the lights off”? This should be quite simple. You can already buy products that do things like this. Check out this cool KNX room controller: imgres

It not only looks good, it is also expensive. But is this really the future? It is a start. But there are much better use cases. Both Amazon and Google are working in real assistant services. The Amazon Echo is already on the market in the US, Googles Home will be available soon. I would expect that Apple is working on something similar.

One use case that I can easily think of is the following:

me: “Turn the lights off”
control: “Have a good night, I will wake you tomorrow at 7”

That’s still quite simple, but what about:

me: “Turn the lights off”
control: “I see that you have an early meeting tomorrow. Should I wake you already at 6:30?”

Or this:

control: “It is expected to snow tonight. This might cause delays in public transportation tomorrow. Should I wake you a bit earlier than usual?”

There are many other interesting use cases. Will it be reality soon? I don’t know but I really want to experiment with this.

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