Hacking the H801 LED dimmer

I just received the H801 LED dimmer. I couldn’t figure out, what the “W1” and “W2” connectors on this device were. So I removed the case and checked the board. I was pleasantly surprise to see that this isn’t a 3 channel (RGB) but a 5 channel device. The W1 and W2 connectors are 2 additional channels.

Installation isn’t complicated. You connect the power supply and the LEDs and turn on the device.

With a laptop or mobile device, you connect to the WiFi network HCX_856705 (the numbers might be different) and use the password “88888888”. ┬áNow, the trouble begins if you don’t have an Android phone. I was expecting there is at least a simple web interface available that allows to configure WLAN credentials. Nope! The only way to control the device with the initial firmware is an Android app.

You now have 2 options if you don’t own an Android phone: flash another firmware or install an Android emulator on your PC. It used Droid4X. However, I wasn’t able to connect to the device. I’m note sure if this Application supports using the WLAN connection from the Mac.

Ok, back to the start. Flash another firmware. This is usually something that I don’t do easily, but on a device that costs less than 20$ and isn’t useable for me otherwise, I tried this. Luckily the board design makes it easy to flash a new firmware. The board is already prepared with 2 headers: RX/TX/GND/3.3V and J3. Just solder headers and use your existing ESP8266 programmer.


As software I used the Arduino sketch from Eryk.io and adapted it slightly. My sketch can be downloaded from Github.

The GPIOs are used as follows:

Pin Function
15 Output red
13 Output green
12 Output blue
14 Output white 1
4 Output white 2
1 Internal LED green / Signal
5 Internal LED red / Power